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Are Andy Cohen And Anderson Cooper Dating? Or will they be simply on a break together as buddies?

Are Andy Cohen And Anderson Cooper Dating? Or will they be simply on a break together as buddies?

We dive in compared to that and more in today’s CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Okay, therefore it is kiiind of the shot that is long but let me make it clear the facts and you may function as judge:

• Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen both instagrammed the same sunset through the exact same position yesterday evening. (they have to take love.)

• Kelly Ripa had been here too. (Okay, which is a place for “friends on holiday.”)

• there is a conspiracy that the scandalous photos of Coop’s boyfriend making down with another guy had been phases and submitted by their boyfriend. (Because Andy and Anderson have been in love?)

So those are typical the main points understood at present. There is almost certainly not sufficient evidence to state they’ve been absolutely in love, but, oh, exactly what a great homosexual news energy few they would make!

Cheating trampire Kristen Stewart happens to be fallen through the sequel to Snow White additionally the Huntsman to be a cheating trampire. But hey, that does not appear reasonable! The affair is known by me she had ended up being utilizing the director of said film, but . this woman is Snow White?

These are, Jodie Foster published a fairly-long tale in protection of Kristen Stewart:

“In 2001 we spent 5 months with Kristen Stewart from the group of Panic Room mostly holed up in an area how big a Manhattan wardrobe. We chatted and laughed all night, sharing mysteries that are spontaneous venting our monotony. We expanded to love that kid.”

Mila Kunis chatted to More! Magazine in regards to the possibility of wedding:

“I would personally want to find ‘The One’. But i am unsure about wedding. No need is seen by me. I’m going to be with someone me i have to because I want to, not because a piece of paper tells. Having said that, then fine, I’ll get married if the love of my life thinks it’s important. but i have met a good amount of dudes with Peter Pan problem, where they do not wish to develop.”

Please remember that she is currently dating Ashton Kutcher.

Kate Middleton’s stripper relative, Katrina Darling, will grace the address of Playboy the following month. Here is a sneak peek.

The solicitors of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries came across to finally start on their divorce papers today. In a shock twist of occasions, Kris delivered Kanye West a subpoena disguised in a Nordstrom package.

Jimmy Kimmel proposed to their gf Molly McNearney on holiday at Southern Africa’s Kruger nationwide Park. This woman is an author for — surprise! — Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The address art for Carly Rae Jepsen’s new album appears great deal like Britney Spears’s “Baby once more.”

Alicia Keys seemingly have taken some motivation through the Hunger Games in naming her new record, The woman On Fire.

Christopher Mintz Plasse — aka McLovin — is beginning to seem like a genuine adult and it is freaking me down.

Great Scott! There’s A michael that is ukrainian dating usa new j comedy pilot being shopped all over tv systems.

Rumer Willis possesses new boyfriend. Their title is Jayson Blair in which he will star regarding the NBC that is upcoming comedy New Normal.

Does Jessica Biel have actually the worst locks ever?

Questlove remixed The Beastie Boys.

Kate Moss seduced her boyfriend away from two decades of veganism by taunting him with bacon.

You are able to stop speculating now: Ezra Miller informs Out magazine “I’m queer.”

Lindsay Lohan simply dropped 3 grand on a shopping spree of searching gear.

Puppy The Bounty Hunter happens to be prohibited from Britain because of a murder conviction through the belated ’70s.

Have actually you ever wondered just just what Kim Kardashian would appear to be behind pubs?

Bobby Brown has entered rehab for alcohol addiction.

Jon Benjamin (Archer, Bob’s Burgers, Residence films, an such like) will play a life advisor from the year of Suburgatory.

H&M made a real statue of david Beckham.

David Hyde Pierce flipped their mansion and you will see all the pictures from inside their home.

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